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Interesting Blogs on Plastic Surgery

As cosmetic and plastic surgery advances, the standards for and knowledge of them have also advanced. One of your choices will be in the selection of your surgeon. While both cosmetic and plastic surgeons are required to attend medical school in order to legally perform surgery, their backgrounds may be different. Both cosmetic and plastic surgeons receive the same background medical training. If you want to know any information related with cosmetic and plastic surgery there are a lot of cosmetic and plastic surgery site that have been existed on the internet which each of them will give you a lot of information about cosmetic and plastic surgery. One of interesting plastic surgery blog is managed by Lloyd M. Krieger, MD. Who is Lloyd Krieger? Lloyd Krieger is the founder and medical director of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. An Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Division of Plastic Surgery, he has completed extensive research on how to make plastic surgery a more rewarding experience for patients.

Dr. Krieger was the first resident selected for UCLA’s highly coveted combined general surgery / plastic surgery residency. During his seven years training at UCLA, Dr. Krieger did extensive work in all areas of plastic surgery including cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, burn surgery, craniofacial surgery and hand surgery. He also won the award for best resident research project, focusing on how to optimize the care of patients in plastic surgery practices. Dr. Krieger founded Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery to improve the care and experiences of plastic surgery patients. He maintains operating privileges at UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Northridge Hospital.

Lloyd Krieger has written a lot of journal in his cosmetic surgery blog which new one. He managed cosmetic surgery blog which contain useful information about cosmetic surgery. From his blog you’ll be able to know that cosmetic surgery focuses on reducing lines and wrinkles in the face, removing body fat from a specific area, or lifting, supplementing or reducing a specific body feature. You can also view plastic surgery news in another blog. On his blogs, obsessively covering the latest procedures in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. His blogs contains the latest information on the advances of liposuction, rhinoplasty, cosmetic chin surgery, and plastic surgeons. You’ll be satisfied with the information which written by Mr. Lloyd Krieger in his blogs. You should visit it to know more details.


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