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Ubuntu Linux v8.04.2 LTS (Hardy Heron) - Final

Ubuntu Linux v8.04.2 LTS (Hardy Heron) - Final

Release date: January 30, 2009

Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too!

The Ubuntu community is built on the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu Philosophy: that software should be available free of charge, that software tools should be usable by people in their local language and despite any disabilities, and that people should have the freedom to customise and alter their software in whatever way they see fit.

These freedoms make Ubuntu fundamentally different from traditional proprietary software: not only are the tools you need available free of charge, you have the right to modify your software until it works the way you want it to.

Ubuntu is suitable for both desktop and server use. The current Ubuntu release supports PC (Intel x86) and 64-bit PC (AMD64) architectures.

Ubuntu includes more than 16,000 pieces of software, but the core desktop installation fits on a single CD. Ubuntu covers every standard desktop application from word processing and spreadsheet applications to web server software and programming tools.

Ubuntu on the desktop

Ubuntu offers you a complete Linux-based operating system, including all the major applications you need to play and work. With a strong focus on a desktop that Just Works, Ubuntu is a great choice for home or the office. The base system and all included software is free, and support is available from the community or by professional support providers.

Desktop simplicity

When you start the system for the first time you are greeted by a desktop that is unusually clean and tidy. No desktop icons by default! Even the recycling bin has been moved down to the taskbar. The default theme is designed to be easy on the eye. But Linux is inherently flexible; you can customise the look and behaviour of the desktop in a range of ways, from simply changing the default theme to selecting a different desktop environment altogether.

Ubuntu on the server

Built on the solid foundation of Debian — known for its robust server installations — the Ubuntu Server Edition has a strong heritage for reliable performance and predictable evolution. The first Ubuntu release with a separate server edition was 5.10, in October 2005.

With the latest release, 8.04.1, the Ubuntu Server Edition adds support for several common configurations, bringing the ease of use that Ubuntu has become famous for on the desktop to server deployments. The new Ubuntu Server Edition provides a well-integrated platform for deploying a new server with any of the standard internet services: mail, web, DNS, file serving or database management.

A key lesson from the Debian heritage is that of security by default. The Ubuntu Server has no open ports after the installation and contains only the essential software needed to build a secure server.

Automatic LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)

In about 15 minutes, the time it takes to install Ubuntu Server Edition, you can have a LAMP server up and ready to go. This feature, exclusive to Ubuntu Server Edition, is available at the time of installation.

The LAMP option saves the trouble of installing and integrating each of the four separate LAMP components, a process which can take hours and requires someone who is skilled in the installation and configuration of the individual applications. You get increased security, reduced time to install, and reduced risk of misconfiguration, all of which results in a lower cost of ownership.

Supported architectures

Ubuntu 8.04.2 Server Edition supports the following architectures:

Supports x86
Supports AMD64

Homepage and more info here:

Download Ubuntu Linux v8.04.2 - Desktop Edition - Multi platforms:


Download Ubuntu Linux v8.04.2 - Server Edition - Multi platforms:


Download Ubuntu Linux v8.04.2 - Alternate Edition - Multi platforms:


Other download mirrors here:

Ableton Live 7.0.14 UB+Crack (Mac User Only)

Ableton Live 7.0.14 UB+Crack (Mac User Only)

Product Description:
Ableton Live 7.0.14 - Music production suite: recording, remix, MIDI sequencing.

The Live Concept
Live offers two main views—the Session View and the Arrangement View—that interact in a powerful and unique way, allowing you to create, produce and perform your music all in a single application. Here is the principle behind each view:

Session View
Live's unique Session View acts as a powerful musical sketch and launch pad, allowing you to try out new ideas easily and improvise freely. Each cell in the Session View grid can hold a recording, MIDI file, or any other musical idea. These ideas can be recorded on the fly or dragged in from the Browser and played in any order and at any time you wish.

Arrangement View
The Arrangement View offers a timeline-based approach for traditional multitrack recording, MIDI sequencing and other music production tasks. You can even improvise in the Session View, and all of your actions will be recorded into the Arrangement View, where they can be edited whenever you like.

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ProTools 8 Free Plugs (work under PT 7.4 on Tiger 10.4.11) RTAS Mac OSX UB

ProTools 8 Free Plugs (work under PT 7.4 on Tiger 10.4.11) RTAS Mac OSX UB

File Size: 559.9 MB (3 segments)

Description: Create and play music with groundbreaking virtual instruments, including Mini Grand piano, Boom retro drum machine, DB-33 tonewheel organ, Vacuum tube-modeled synth, Xpand!2 multipurpose synth/sample workstation, Structure Free sample player, and more. Dial-up luscious guitar tone, fix, enhance, polish, and master mixes to perfection using the dozens of world-class effects plug-ins, including compressors, EQs, delays, reverbs, and more. With Pro Tools, you’ve got a full palette of creative options to develop your ideas quickly, easily, and professionally.
I just tryed to drag and drop these free plugins from my Leopard partition with ProTools 8 to another partition with Tiger 10.4.11 and PT 7.4 and they all work fine. (Certified by aussie™)
All I had to do was copy the Plug-in Settings as well and the presets there too. I extracted these plugins to a separate folder and zipped them individually with presets.

Here's the list of the plugins :
Eleven Free
SansAmp PSA-1

Download Code:

Password: ozmosis

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