iMagic OS: The Future of Linux - Non-Windows Warez
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iMagic OS: The Future of Linux

If you looking for the future of linux try iMagic OS Linux Operating System, you want a sleek, UI, bleeding edge 3d desktop, nice Vista-like design with improved Mac OS X window decor, and thats just the Interface. Next you get the easiest installer that have ever seen on Linux, one-click. No fussy package manager, just a modern, easy to use installer. And One Click. Well next up you have tons, well over a Gigabyte, of software installed. They chose the most modern, up to date stuff available. Everything you would ever want and 3 times more. You can run Office, IE, Media Player, Tons. Anything virtually will work. If you need to know why iMagic OS and more information don't hesitate to visit


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