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Webconverger v3.4

Webconverger v3.4

Web kiosk/terminal, that is easy to deploy and secure.

Webconverger is an evolution of the hybrid client for deployments in places like offices or Internet cafes where only Web applications are used. It is developed under Debian.

Unlike thin or hybrid clients, Webconverger is faster and more responsive by providing a Web browser that runs locally.


Entrepreneurs are not developing for the Windows or the Linux desktop, they're developing for the prevalent Web API platform.

Likewise users are not checking their email with Outlook Express anymore, they're using Web applications such as Gmail or Yahoo. This is Web convergence.

That leads us onto a problem. How does an IT manager roll out the Web platform? We probably have to deal with fragile pre-installations of Windows and battle to get Firefox on each machine. Then the hopeless battle to maintain that system from viruses, spyware and the looming costs of a Vista update.

The answer is Webconverger.

Webconverger is simply a Web kiosk/terminal, that is easy to deploy and secure. In most cases all you need to do is boot from a CD. That's it! A usable up to date Web browser that just works.

The Web, just the Web and only the Web.


Customize Webconverger for your own homepage like banks, museums, car dealerships and many other customers have done. Most customers just need their homepage customised, however there are further options:


1. ISO (with grub) and/or USB image varieties for download.
2. Firefox Web browser 3.x rebuild Iceweasel by default in every Webconverger.
3. Automatic update on bootup - Webconverger has an upgrade feature
4. Artwork - your $HOMEPAGE/bg.png, default being http://portal.webconverger.com/bg.png.
5. Kiosk reset with kioskresetstation=. Resets browser after user defined minutes of idleness/inactivity.
6. Networking customisation. Default is wired DHCP.
7. Adobe (Macromedia) Flash & PDF viewing.

Maxi = Mini + Extras (mainly support for non-English locales)

* Extensive internationalization support - Exotic locales such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) are supported. CJK keyboard switching via scim and many other types of keyboard setups, such as Swiss German. Spelling support with dictionaries in many languages. maxi only.
* Printing support.

Extras for customization

* Digital signage modes.
* Filtering.
* Remote administration.
* Custom browser settings.

Webconverger 3.4 mini has an exciting and easy boot option to install to a hard drive!

Homepage and more info here:

Download Mini Edition from here (ISO Format for burning a CD):

Download Mini Edition from here (IMG Format for flashing a USB device):

Download Maxi Edition from here (ISO Format for burning a CD):

Download Maxi Edition from here (IMG Format for flashing a USB device):

Download Packages Listing from here:





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