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Donate Car or Boat to Charity

Car donation is practiced when you gift to a charity organization or such institution your automobile which may or may not be in useable condition. You must have thought of needy people at times and longed to do something for them. Unfortunately, you end up confused how to and what to donate for charity so that the less fortunate can have a better living. Now, if you come across an option wherein you are able to fulfill your wish to help the poor and also earn tax benefit, you can well think of car donations. In the United States, charitable donations provide a tax benefit and it has been gaining widespread popularity. Automobile donation has taken an altogether new form and substance in the field of charity and donor benefit.

By donating, you do not have to worry about selling the property yourself, including: low offers, mechanical repairs, liability issues or advertising expenses. The time consuming process of showing and selling your property to a complete stranger could pose a potential risk to you and/or your family. There is an online community called Boat Angel which is also working for the same cause of helping the needy with their basic wants. You also have a major role to play as you can donate boats if you have one. It can be any boat like a sail boat, fishing boat, motor boat, yacht or a jet skis. If you want to boat donations then you can be a person who can open the doors of opportunity for these needy people. Boat Angel will issue your tax receipt on behalf of your chosen non-profit and mail it to you as soon as your donated property is sold. You can give your boat even if it is not in running condition. Boat Angel make all the arrangements to pick-up your boat, yacht or vessel at no cost to you. You can receive the full fair market value as a lawful IRS tax deduction for your boat.

Donate boat or car for a good cause, even if they are not running. Charity begins at home, no doubt but it will surely end overseas with your donation. Boatangel accepts your boat donations for all over America. Just a phone call will do. Free pick up of your boat or car are available in all the states of America. You get the tax benefits on the value of your Boat Donations while doing charity. Boat Angel, will sell your boat and the proceeds will be used for social cause. These funds are utilized to create documentary to fight the social evils like drug abuse or to build moral of our children. They will definitely motivate your children and make better citizens of tomorrow. Get rid of all your headache of disposing your used boat. No need to give expensive want ads or no taking to phone calls, neither showing the boat or price haggling. Boat Angel use boat donations to help orphans and feed the hungry as well as create children's animations and anti-drug documentaries. If you need more information just visit site or


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