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WebHostingRating.com Provides Web Hosting Guide

Finding the right web hosting is not necessarily easy. Lots of things should be noted. Among others: price, space, bandwidth, and the warranty. Also something that make us interested in buying hosting is what the bonus given. Usually a discount for the domain, or even we can get a free domain name. After a long search by chance I found a site that is appreciative of this difficulty: WebHostingRating.com.

They offer 10 of the best web hosting in the comparison include Just Host, HostMonster, FatCow, InMotion Hosting, BlueHost, Web Hosting Pad, IX Webhosting, HostClear, Acenet, and Globat. Certainly my friends who are used to hosting problems, known to the 10 best web hosting. But to find out how about each provider, of course some of us can only grope or at least only heard from other friends. Well, at WebHostingRating.com not only provides a comparison table, but also review each site the web hosting providers. Very helpful at all.

Once we visited the site WebHostingRating.com, on the main page we can see the 10 best website hosting and list price, rank, space and traffic provided by each web hosting. On the main page of this site we can easily compare rating of each web hosting. We can also see rankings 1 through 10 web hosting best rated WebHostingRating.com version of the reliability, affordability, uptime, features, convenience and overall support of each of these web hosting services. So to my friends who still confuse with the web hosting I think this site can be used as a reference before choosing a web hosting services correctly. For the web hosting plans to choose local, maybe this site can also be used as a comparison before choosing a web hosting services locally.

Uniquely again, this site provides best web hosting awards 2009. On this page we can see WebHostingRating.com award given for each web hosting services. So you can easily choose hosting according to the needs of the site, for example if you need hosting for wordpress so you can choose a hosting service that best wordpress hosting award from WebHostingRating.com.

And not only the various reviews of web hosting providers are used there. Various kinds and types of hosting are also available. They also separated based on the features provided by web hosting, such as features based on php support, based on linux, windows, until the discussion of blog hosting. Very complete and well explained. So who knows of you interested in purchasing web hosting can helped by see a comparison on this site. Hopefully their web hosting guide useful for all the friends who are looking for web hosting.


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