Adobe CS4 Master Collection + Activation and Serials - Non-Windows Warez
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Adobe CS4 Master Collection + Activation and Serials

Adobe CS4 Master Collection + Activation and Serials

Download: only serials and activation blocking



No password


1) Direct your browser to this address:

2) Choose a product and follow the link labeled "Try" (or sometimes "Try It")

3) Sign in (or create a free account), and download the software via Adobe's integrated download manager

4) Install your chosen software trials (when asked for a serial, select the 30-day trial instead)

5) After installation, run the Block Adobe Activation file included in the archive

6) Find a serial via the Windows-based generator, or use a serial from the text file (both included in

7) Run the downloaded software, and enter the serial when prompted

Congratulations! Your Adobe software is now registered and completely unlocked. For every CS4 product you install after this, you should not be asked for a serial again. If by some chance you are asked for a serial again, just follow steps 6 and 7 from above.

Safe to update!

Windows Users
The steps are identical for Mac and Windows users up to step 5, so we'll start there.

5) Find the folder at C:/ Program Files / Adobe

6) Drag the folders of your installed programs from the downloaded "Cracks" folder into the "C:/ Program Files / Adobe" folder on your local machine.

7) Click "Yes to All" when asked about replacing files.

Issues and Solutions:

I'm getting a "License for this product has expired" error!

When Adobe CS4 issues this message on your Mac alarm bells might start going off in your head. Not to worry though, simply quit all CS4 apps and delete the following file:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PCD/cache/cache.db

The above path refers to the top level Library immediately inside your Macintosh HD. Now when you restart your CS4 apps you’ll be prompted to license your product with a new serial number.


Rourke Hane said...

and thanks, for this. Could I trouble you with a few questions.
I've had this installed for a few days now- I didn't let the Adobe updater run when first running it; is it really safe to run the updater? Is it not unwise to let my computer communicate with Adobe?
You say it's registered and unlocked but in issues... mention that if a '..this serial has expired' message shows up, then do...and use a new serial no. - is this likely to happen and if so, do you mean to look on the internet for a newer serial(if this happens again and again, or much later?) Would a newer serial for the Master Suite be easy to locate?
Apologies for troubling you, and again, many thanks as I simply wouldn't have been able to get any of these programs at all. Maybe I can afford them one day - one can hope.

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