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CrossOver Pro 8.0.0 (Intel) (Mac)

CrossOver Pro 8.0.0 (Intel) (Mac)

CrossOver Mac allows you to install many popular Windows applications and games on your Intel OS X Mac. CrossOver includes an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing Windows software simple and fast. Once installed, your application integrates seamlessly in OS X. Just click and run your application directly from the OS X Finder. Clicking a Windows file or document — including email attachments — will launch the appropriate Windows program, allowing you to work on the files. Best of all, you do it all easily and affordably, without needing a Microsoft operating system license.

8.0.0 CrossOver Mac - June 16, 2009

* New application support:
o Quicken 2009
o Internet Explorer 7
o Photoshop CS2
* Application fixes:
o MS Office 2003:
+ Non-English language service packs should now apply
+ Word 2003: 'Insert Field' should now work properly
+ Word 2003: Table calculations fixed
+ Word 2003: Insert... Picture... From File improved
+ Outlook 2003: NTLM proxy authentication fixed
+ Excel 2003: Insert Picture improved
+ Outlook 2003: Problem with dropping into 'disconnected' mode is resolved
o MS Office 2007:
+ Service Packs 1 and 2 now apply.
+ Enterprise, Pro, and Corporate editions should now install
+ Word 2007: Fixed misbehavior when using the 'insert image' function
+ Several other Office service packs and add-ons should work better.
o QuickTime 7:
+ Intermittent hanging bugs should be fixed
+ Several other general fixes
o Outlook 2000: e-mail attachments should now work
o Acrobat 5 and 7: "Save As" dialog no longer causes crashes
o FrameMaker: Handling of PPD files improved on systems without CUPS.
o Word XP: "Combine Documents" fixed
o Equation Editor should install and run
* Other crossover improvements:
o A 'symbol' font as been added. This should improve Equation Editor behavior.
o A couple of improvements were made to dual-monitor support on the Mac
o Fixed problem with resizing windows on dual-head linux systems
o KDE systray on SUSE 10.1 fixed
o KDE Printer improved
o Fixed a problem with demo registration and gksu version 2.0.2.
o Improved copy and paste
o Added better 64-bit support in the RPM package
o Updated many components to fix behavior on the upcoming Snow Leopard release of OSX.

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