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Nowadays we can watch football's moments online through where provided for football mania. recently launched by Carlsberg web-tv for and by everyone who shares the global passion for the game of football. At launch there are more than 200 videos to be watched and the number will grow on a continuously basis. They launched 5 channels such Football Magic, Fan Life, Half Time, On Tour and Our Game that showing all aspects about football from the classic football matches to life as a fan. Via web tv it becomes possible to share, rate and comment on videos for everybody who has a passion for football and wants to show it to the whole world. For those who just want to watch videos and be entertained with stories about football and fan-life also has a lot to offer. You can share by uploading your own favourite video of football even found it on Youtube. Sign up on now, create profiles and upload your own videos about being, thinking and living as a supporter.


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