LaunchBar v4.3.7 Mac user - Non-Windows Warez
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LaunchBar v4.3.7 Mac user

LaunchBar v4.3.7 Mac user

LaunchBar is a launch application for Mac OS X. It provides access to user's applications and files, by entering short abbreviations of the searched item's name. It uses an adaptive algorithm that 'learns' a user's preferred abbreviations for a particular application. For example, Adobe Photoshop may be launched by simply typing 'pho' after training and Interface Builder can be opened by typing 'ib' even though that sequence of characters does not appear anywhere in the name of the application.
Powerful search, sub-search and browsing capabilities

* Ultra fast, adaptive abbreviation search technology (AASv4), delivers amazingly accurate results, even without any training
* Search in Spotlight
* Look Up in Dictionary
* Recent documents of selected application (e.g. type TED to select "TextEdit", then press right arrow to show all recently opened documents)
* Browse your Address Book contacts, contact groups and contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
* Bookmark & History Browsing (e.g. type SH to select "Safari History", then hit the right arrow key twice to see the most recently visited web pages)
* iTunes Library Browsing (by genre, artist, album or composer). e.g. type IT to select "iTunes", then right arrow to show the currently playing song, then right arrow again to find similar tracks
* File System Browsing (traverses folder aliases, the top level entry shows all mounted volumes)
* Sub-search while browsing with arrow keys, press the space bar to perform a deep sub-search
* Context Search: Select a search context by abbreviation (e.g. EA for "Email Addresses"), then sub-search within the selected context by pressing Space followed by a further abbreviation


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