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Rocks Cluster Linux v5.0.3

Rocks Cluster Linux v5.0.3

Rocks is a complete "cluster on a CD" solution for x86 and IA64 Red Hat Linux COTS clusters. Building a Rocks cluster does not require any experience in clustering, yet a cluster architect will find a flexible and programmatic way to redesign the entire software stack just below the surface (appropriately hidden from the majority of users). Although Rocks includes the tools expected from any clustering software stack (PBS, Maui, GM support, Ganglia, etc), it is unique in its simplicity of installation.

Rocks v5.0.3 is released for i386 and x86_64 CPU architectures.

New Features

1. Xen Support

You can use the Xen Roll to create "VM Containers": physical machines that are used to hold Xen-based virtual machines. The Rocks Command Line was expanded to help build and maintain VMs (e.g., "rocks create host vm compute-0-0-0" is used to install a VM).

2. Fully-Programmable Partitioning

The partitioning of client nodes (e.g., compute nodes and tile nodes) has been retooled. You can supply Red Hat partitioning directives to any node by writing a program in the "pre" section which populates the file "/tmp/user_partitioning_info". The program can be as simple as small bash script that echos Red Hat partitioning directives or as complex as a python program that outputs partitioning info based on: the node's name, the node's membership, the number of disks in the node or the type of disks in the node. See the Base Roll documentation for details.


* OS: Based on CentOS release 5/update 1 and all updates as of April 29, 2008
* Condor: updated to v7.0.1
* Ganglia: Ganglia Monitor Core updated to v3.0.7
* Ganglia: phpsysinfo updated to v2.5.4
* Ganglia: rrdtool updated to v1.2.23
* HPC: The HPC roll is now optional. You can build a bare-bones cluster by using only the Kernel Roll, OS Rolls (disk 1 and 2) and the Base Roll
* HPC: MPICH updated to v1.2.7 patch 1)
* HPC: MPICH2 added to the roll (v1.0.6 patch 1)
* HPC: OpenMPI added to the roll (v1.2.6)
* SGE: SGE updated to 6.1 update 4
* SGE: Added tight integration for SGE and OpenMPI
* Area51: chkrootkit updated to v0.48
* Area51: tripwire updated to v2.4.1.2
* Bio: Biopython updated to v1.45
* Bio: Clustalw updated to v2.0.5
* Bio: Fasta updated to v35.3.5
* Bio: NCBI toolbox updated to Mar' 2008 version
* Bio: MpiBlast updated to v1.5.0-pio and is patched against the NCBI toolbox Mar' 2008 version
* Bio: Phylip updated to v3.67
* Bio: T_coffee updated to v5.65
* Bio: Gromacs and MrBayes are now MPI Enabled and compiled against rocks-openmpi

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