Download Apple Shake v4.1 Rapidshare - Non-Windows Warez
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Download Apple Shake v4.1 Rapidshare

Download Apple Shake v4.1 Rapidshare

Shake 4.1 is optimized to run on new Intel-based Macintosh computers. Used to create the world's most celebrated visual effects, Shake provides the only compositing software with a complete toolset for both single artists and visual effects facilities.

System Requirements: Mac OS X

* 1GHz or faster PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5 or Intel Core processor
* Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later
* QuickTime 7.0.4 or later
* 512MB (or more) of RAM
* 1GB hard disk space for disk cache
* AGP, PCI Express or Intel graphics processor with at least 32MB of video memory and OpenGL hardware acceleration
* Display with 1280-by-1024-pixel or 1440-by-900-pixel resolution and 24-bit color
* Three-button mouse
* Optional: AJA Kona or Blackmagic DeckLink card required to preview composites on a broadcast video monitor

Pay attention - you can't run it on PC (WinXP)... Until you have installed Mac OS X...

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